S-Membrane International Conference 2019



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Thank you so much for your contributions/ご参加の御礼
  • Thank you for attending and giving a valuable contributions including presentations in the SMIC 2019. We are very pleased to announce that over 100 people attend this conference. The conference picture is now accessible from the following link.
  • お蔭さまで、100名を超える方にご参加頂け、最先端の研究内容のお話しを聞くことができるまたとない機会となりましたこと、ご報告いたします。学会で撮影した集合写真は こちらよりダウンロード頂けます。
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  • The abstract is now open. please click here
  • Important Notice (重要なお知らせ)
  • The online registration deadline (9th, Aug) is two weeks earlier than that for abstract submissition(23rd, Aug). If you wish to give a presentation, please be aware of this point. For the detailed schedule, please visit here
  • オンライン参加登録の期限(8月9日)はアブストラクト提出期限(8/23)の二週間前に設定されております。詳細につきましては、 こちらからご確認頂けます。
  • 暫定プログラムが決まりました

  • 国際学会の暫定プログラム
  • 9:45 Opening remarks(Kenji Kubota, Vice President of GU)
  • 10:00-11:00 Prof. Patrick Theato (Chair: Prof. Naoki Asakawa)
  • 11:00-11:40 Prof. Hideki Amii(Chair: Dr. Noriaki Seko)
  • 11:50-12:20 Prof. Ryohei Kakuchi(Chair: Prof. Jun Araki)
  • 12:20-12:50 Prof. Yasuhiro Kohsaka(Chair: Prof. Koji Yamamoto)
  • 13:00-14:00 Lunch Session (Poster presentation)
  • 14:00 Closing remarks (Prof. Minoru Hanaya, Vice President of GU)
  • Group Photo

  • 以下、複合材料懇話会および化学技術懇話会 講演会(日本語)
    【場所】国際会議と同会場 桐生市市民文化会館 スカイホール

  • 14:20 開会挨拶 山延会長(複合材料懇話会)
  • 14:30 産総研・大平昭博先生(電池膜)
  • 15:35 生物資源研・亀田恒徳先生(クモ糸・ミツロウ材)
  • 16:40 信州大・荒木潤先生(ナノセルロース複合材料)
  • 17:40 閉会挨拶 中川理事(化学技術懇話会)
  • 18:00 懇親会(海鮮ダイニング 美喜仁館)
  • 懇親会に参加される方へ
  • 2019-June-28th
    The online registration form is available here or via the green box shown in the page top.
  • Symposium fees are followings
  • Registration fee : Free
    Banquet Night : 7000 JPY

    For attendee, online registration form is here
    A homepage for the upcoming S-Membrane International Conference (SMIC-2019) is now open !!


    The School of Science and Technology, Gunma University was originally established as a private school by the citizen of Kiryu in 1896 for education of textile technology, which was the state-of-art technology in Japan. Beyond a century, the activity has expanded to the wider fields, including chemistry, biology, and mechanics, electronics, informatics, and civil engineering, but the cutting-edges of textile technology still survive in each filed. With taking advantage of this long history of "textile" in Kiryu, we are now happy to announce the S-Membrane International Conference 2019 (SMIC-2019). Within this international meeting, all the researchers with the interests for such textile and polymer related interdisciplinary sciences are very welcome to join. We believe that texturing the wider backgrounds releases the past restriction of the fields, realizing the renaissance of textured materials from Kiryu !!

    Hosted by S-membrane Project at Gunma Uni.

    • The S-Membrane Project

      The S-Membrane Project is pleased to host the international conference

    • The city Kiryu

      Kiryu is one of the important cities from the view point of textile industries in Japan

    • The roots of "Orimono"

      Gunma University is historically taking over the institute specialized for textile (orimono) industries

    • Gunma University

      The science and engineering department is focusing on a wide range of interdisciplinary sciences



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